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Our Ad Exchange Has the Added Benefit of Ensuring Brand Safety!

The GumGum Team on retreat in Ojai

GumGum's Ad Exchange will be Powered by a Base Layer of Verity™'s Brand Safety Application

We understand that brand safety can be different for each advertiser. But, at GumGum we believe that all our clients should be protected from baseline unsafe categories that can damage their brands.

By implementing a base layer of Verity™’s brand safety and suitability expertise, aligning with GARM’s Brand Safety floor, our advertising exchange ensures that every impression is clear of unsafe content categories by filtering out unsafe imagery in addition to any natural language categorized as hate speech. Now you can always be confident that your ads are safe with us.

The GumGum Team on retreat in Ojai


The Media Rating Council (MRC) has granted GumGum’s contextual intelligence technology, Verity™, content-level accreditation for contextual analysis, brand safety and suitability across CTV, desktop and mobile web environments.

The GumGum Team on retreat in Ojai


We work with MRC accredited vendor, HUMAN Security, to ensure every impression is scanned prior to the bid request and safeguard against invalid traffic.

The GumGum Team on retreat in Ojai


Through an API integration with NewsGuard we help protect against misinformation and fake news to expand our commitment in ensuring that every ad is placed in a safe environment.

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